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International makeup artist Michael Marcus launched his namesake cosmetics line, michaelmarcus, in 1999, after a successful career working for several top retailers.

Marcus’ motivation to develop a product collection emerged through conversations he found himself repeatedly having with women he met across the country, many of whom were requesting more color on their faces. “I want color! I want corals, pinks, and reds, not browns. I don’t want to look washed out,” they told him.

Marcus’ philosophy is that women of all ages can wear any color they want and shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. It’s no surprise then, that the michaelmarcus collection features a brilliant palate of colors, hues and shades customized to complete every woman’s individual style.

The brand is turning the heads – and brightening the lips and cheeks – of women throughout the country. Since its June 2002 launch at the upscale Fifth Avenue store Takashimaya, michaelmarcus has reigned as their best-selling color line, as well as the only U.S.-made cosmetics line available.


About Founder, Michael Marcus

Described by Virginia Haygood, cosmetics buyer for Takashimaya, as “an innovative, unique person who is passionate about his products, and who offers something not found anywhere,” Marcus is known to mix the colors of his lipsticks by hand, and then send the formulas to a lab. Marcus’ innovative approach and creative vision led him to receive the 2003 Rising Star Award from the Fashion Group International.

Texas native, skincare expert and celebrity makeup artist Michael Marcus wants to make the world a more beautiful place through giving women what they crave, access to ageless beauty, bold colors and fun!


Michael’s Makeup Mantra:

  • “You hear it all the time, as you age you should wear less makeup. I disagree! You should wear MORE color! Women need color on their lips, eyes and faces. They want color in their lives.”
  • “The saddest thing I hear is, ‘I’ve worn the same lipstick for 20 years.’ Would you wear the same shoes for 20 years – NO! Live a little, have some fun and branch out to a different world of wonderful colors.”
  • “Makeup should be fun, not a chore! Have fun with it and find your own look. You can have more than one! There’s really not a right or wrong, it’s what you feel comfortable with.”

Green Mission Statement

Based on the idea that makeup should be FUN and not a chore, renowned Dallas based makeup artist Michael Marcus took it upon himself to make the world a more beautiful place by giving women a colorful pallet for creativity! Founded in 1998, michael marcus cosmetics includes luxurious, anti-aging skincare and a wide selection of makeup, vital for maintaining a youthful glow and creating today’s hottest looks.

michael marcus cosmetics sets the bar for innovation in today’s skincare and cosmetic world. Constantly in awe of the most beautiful woman of all, Mother Nature, michael marcus cosmetics utilizes the many gifts she has bestowed upon us

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Botanically fortified skincare & cosmetics formulas
  • REDUCE: Simple, straight forward, multitasking products
  • REUSE: Casing for most cosmetics are refillable
  • RECYCLE: Recyclable packaging for skincare
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Ethical commitment to sustainability


In 2004 michael marcus cosmetics started making a push to utilize ONLY creulty-free ingredients.

As of 2014 michael marcus cosmetics will be sold in Europe which requires all products are cruelty-free.


For more information on the michael marcus collection, contact:
michael marcus cosmetics
(214) 692-7002


Celebrity fans include:

Marcia Cross, Deidre Hall, Marla Maples, Mya Harrison, Leven Rambin, Tamar Kaprellian, Deborah Norville, Paula Deen and Paris Hilton. 

Information is also available on the company's Web site at michael marcus cosmetics are available at better department stores and boutiques.