Why you should change your skincare routine for summer.

Adjusting your skincare routine throughout the different seasons is essential to maintain healthy and glowing skin all year round. The same way you would not wear a thick woolly jumper in the summer. You need to switch up your winter products and adapt them for the hotter months. With the increased humidity and exposure to sunlight, our skin can act differently during the summer.

You may be thinking “Do I really need to moisturise my skin even if it is 30 degrees and my face feels oily?” The answer is yes, moisturising is important all year round, but making a few changes to what you use will help when the weather is warmer, to prevent your skin becoming overly oily.

A solid routine should be applied all year round, in ever season with different climates. A couples of changes will help the transition from winter to summer. Read below some tips we have put together to adjust your skincare routine this summer.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Our skin becomes oilier as the weather warms up due to producing much more sweat throughout the day. This causes our skin to become more prone to acne as our pores become more clogged with sweat and oil during the day. Using a light exfoliator daily will help to remove the dead skin cells, preventing blemishes and promote an even skin tone.

Lighten up your skincare routine

During the winter months it is important to user a richer, thicker moisturiser to maintain hydration levels and skin condition. In the hotter weather a lighter formular is much more effectives to prevent the skin in becoming oily in the hot weather. A light moisturiser is enough to lock in the moisture throughout the day, keeping your skin looking fresh and glowing.


We should be wearing SPF every day, especially in the summer months. You will want to up the strength of your usual sun protection. With more exposure to the sun, it is important to use a minimum of factor 30 SPF and factor 50 if possible. This can be in the form of a moisturiser or sunscreen. Whatever formular you chose to use, this should be applied in the morning and reapplied as needed throughout the day (even cloudy days)!

Hydrated summer skin

Skin is less flaky in the summer months, however it can still easily become dehydrated, so retaining as much moisture as possible is important. A great way to do this is using a hydrating mask 1-2 times a week in order to help keep your skin nourished, moisture and nice and plump in hot weather.

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