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The signature line is comprised of more than 250 highly pigmented, high-quality products ranging from comfortable, aloe-enriched treatment foundations to eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses and anti-oxidant, squalene powders. 




Botanically Infused Makeup

At michael marcus cosmetics, we are leaders not followers. Instead of joining in on the mineral makeup fad, we choose to stay true to our roots by concentrating on high-quality, botanically infused formulations that allow for pure, unadulterated color. We also refuse to use harsh, man-made chemicals and otherwise unhealthy ingredients and instead focusing on a fusion of vitamin rich blends and naturally beneficial ingredients such as Chamomile, Squalene and Aloe Vera.


The Makeup collection is designed to create a smooth, natural complexion with subtle, yet radiant color. Featuring an organic palette of brilliant colors, hues and shades and each of our products is customized to complete every woman's individual style, regardless of age or skin type.


michael marcus cosmetics wants to make the world a more beautiful place and does not believe in waste. Experience and love as many colors as you desire without having to deal with the baggage of excess packaging with michael's "Look Palette". Refillable compacts are available for use with each of our incredibly pigmented eye-shadows, blushes, powders and powder foundations.