michaelmarcus overview



During the time that international makeup artist Michael Marcus worked for Estée Lauder, he heard the same complaint from women throughout the country, especially women over 35.  “I need color.  I want coral, pink, red.”  That rallying cry wasn’t all that surprising to Michael, who flatly points out that New York makeup lines are predominately brown, brown, brown.  “Brown may look good on the flawless skin of a 20-year-old model, but not on that of a 35-plus woman,” says Michael.  “Women need color on their lips, eyes and faces.  They want color in their lives.” It is out of this philosophy that Michael’s very own line of makeup – michaelmarcus Cosmetics – was born in 1998.


A Collection Of Color

The michaelmarcus collection features a brilliant palate of colors, hues and shades customized to complete every woman’s individual style and can be worn by women of all ages and skin types.  His signature line is comprised of more than 200 pigment-rich, high-quality products ranging from comfortable, aloe-enriched foundations and skin-care products to eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses and anti-oxidant vitamin-infused powders (for a more detailed listing of products, see Fact Sheet).  Although he has a core set of colors, Michael introduces a seasonal line each spring and winter.


“I have tried to set michaelmarcus apart from other cosmetic lines by developing products with features you won’t find anywhere else,” says Michael. “The michaelmarcus line, which is made of all-natural ingredients that allow for pure color and generous portions, is designed to create a smooth, natural complexion with subtle, yet radiant color.”


Coloring Lips And Cheeks Outside Of Texas

Not surprisingly, the michaelmarcus collection is fast becoming the over 35 woman’s makeup of choice.  michaelmarcus’ is sold in more than twenty national upscale department stores cost-to-coast.


Lee Rubino, cosmetics buyer for the upscale national department store chain Parisian, states: “michaelmarcus is a big hit with our customers.  From the start it has outperformed our expectations."


michaelmarcus is quickly gaining notoriety, turning the heads – and coloring the lips and cheeks – of New Yorkers in particular.  In June 2002, the michaelmarcus line was launched at New York’s hottest store, the upscale, Fifth Avenue Takashimaya.  It is the chic store’s only U.S.-made color line.  The stores’ sixth-floor skin-care department carries only high-end European and Asian lines.  Since the launch, Marcus’ products have outsold the store’s other color lines.


Crazy For “Southern Lady” Red

Like women across the county, Neutral New Yorkers are devouring michaelmarcus’ “Southern Lady” red lipstick, the most popular of michaemarcus’ 45 “never forget a name” lipsticks that are named after Michael’s most valued clients (for more information, see “At michaelmarcus, Lipstick Is It!”).  “Southern Lady,” a perfectly clear, bright-red lipstick was created for Phyllis Hoffman, publisher of Southern Lady Magazine.  Other creations include “Deborah,” “Diane” or “Sharon.”


For Michael, the last five years have been an exciting whirlwind indeed, but he sees this as just the beginning.  Customers have overwhelmingly responded to his vibrant and uplifting philosophies on color and having fun with makeup.  As such, his passion for what he does will no doubt continue to fuel his efforts to bring color to the lives of women across the country.


For more information on the michaelmarcus collection, contact michaelmarcus Cosmetics at (214) 692-7002.  Information is also available on the company’s Web site at  michaelmarcus Cosmetics are available at more than thirty better department stores coast-to-coast and may also be purchased on the company’s Web site.