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Founded in 1998 and based in Dallas, michaelmarcus Cosmetics is a line of high-quality products that include features you won’t find anywhere else.  Made of the finest ingredients that allow for pure color and generous portions, the collection is designed to create a smooth, natural complexion with subtle, yet radiant color.


Cosmetics Line:    

The michaelmarcus collection features a palate of brilliant colors,  hues and shades customized to complete every woman’s individual style and can be worn by women of all ages and skin types.  michaelmarcus’ signature line is comprised of more than 200 pigment-rich, high-quality products ranging from comfortable, aloe-enriched treatment foundations and skin-care products to eye shadows,  lipsticks, glosses and anti-oxidant vitamin-infused powders



Michael Marcus worked as a makeup artist for 10 years, most recently as a national makeup artist for the Estée Lauder company, before starting his own line of cosmetics in 1998.



“You hear it all the time, as you age, you should wear less  makeup.  I disagree.  You should wear more color!  Women need color on their lips, eyes and faces.  They want color in their lives!


“The saddest thing I hear is, ‘I’ve worn the same lipstick for 20 years.’  Would you wear the same shoes for 20years? Well, live a little, have fun and branch out to a different world of wonderful colors."


Make-up should be fun, not a chore.  Have fun with make-up, find your look, and use it.  There’s really not a right or wrong, it’s what you feel comfortable with.”


Eye Pencils

Line any way you want with these “soft” pencils that comes in black, chocolate, midnight plum, navy or seashell.  Priced at  $18.



michaelmarcus powder (press it) comes in 12 colors.  Wear as foundation (it’s pigmented to give a little extra coverage) or apply with a brush over your foundation. Great for touch ups.  Use wet or dry.  Priced at $36.



Available in 16 shades, choose from “Just Right,” “Dahling,” “Fabulous,” and more. 

Priced at $18 without compact.  Single refillable compacts are $6.


Brow Pencils

“Arch it perfectly” with our brow pencils.  Available in three colors and priced at $21.50.


Sold empty and are customized for you so you carry only the  colors that you use.
Choose from single ($6), eight-well ($40) and three-well ($27.50) customized compacts.  Lip gloss wheels are also available.



Line to their fullest potential.  Choose from 12 colors ranging from “Plum Perfect” to “Savage Red”. Priced at $18.                                  


Choose from a variety of nine brushes for easy application: the “Foundation Brush” for foundation, the “Eye Detail Brush” for contour around the eyes or the “Camouflage Brush” to conceal secrets and circles. 

Priced from $20 to $39.50.



45 “never forget a name” sheer to matte lipsticks are named after michaelmarcus’ most valued clients.  Colors range from best- selling “Southern Lady” red to “Phyllis,” a frosty, orangey red with a bronze cast to it. Priced at $22.

Eye Shadows

32 eye shadows have brilliant finishes and tones. Consider highlighting with “Flawless,” “Halo” or “Baby Doll.”  Each is sold by refill for $18.  Customize your own compact.



Four formulations of foundation – stick, powder, oil-controlling liquid, and a moisturizing liquid foundation – maintain a flawless complexion.  Choose from a variety of brushes for easy application.


Stick Foundation – gives perfect coverage. Soft and silky to the touch.  ently hides any imperfections.  SPF 18. Available in 12 colors  (“Butterscotch” to “Freckles”) and priced at $37.50.


Aloe-based Foundation – in two formulas, moisturizing and oil-controlling,  provides medium to full coverage and feels weightless.  zwith An Anti-aging formula, anti-oxidents and Aloe your foundation improves your skin and doubles as a treatment product.  Available in 10 colors. Priced at $39.50.



Guaranteed to thicken, lengthen and curl lashes.  Colors include black, brown and waterproof black. Priced at $22.50



Wet lips with seven colors of lipgloss (priced at $20).  Choose from “Brilliant Sand” to “Pout.”  "Yummy” and "Delicious" gloss wheels are also available for $39.50.


Skin Care

It’s what’s under the make-up that’s most important. michaelmarcusCosmetics promotes beautiful skin through streamlined skin-care products.


Products include Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser,  Foaming Aloe  Cleanser, Ginseng Toner,  Improve  Moisturizer, MoisturEYEs  eye cream, RealEYES eye cream, Restore  Facial  Moisture, Herbal Toner, Hydrate moisturizer.  
Priced from $27.50 to $95.


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