Our Story


Michael Marcus skincare is for everyone

A skincare range that’s seriously uncomplicated, yet impressively effective. Michael Marcus skincare can easily fit into every person’s morning and evening routine.

Whether you have regular, dry, sensitive, young or mature skin, Michael Marcus is here to help you look and feel your best.


Our Story

The idea for MichaelMarcus was born in 1999 when founder and international make up artist, Michael Marcus noticed there were no straight-forward effective skincare and makeup options for all skin types. Looking at the shelves, there were products he used, but no products he absolutely loved. Customers around the world look to Michael asking for his help. 


MichaelMarcus is your best friend

Whether you have flawless skin, a few lines and wrinkles or skin that has been neglected altogether, it's not too late. Michael Marcus is here to help.

Our skincare range is suitable for normal, sensitive, oily and mature skin. It is purpose built for everyone, and specially formulated to help you look and feel your best.


Nature. Love. Science.

We are proud of our products and of the people who make them. With very few exceptions (brushes), our products are made in Dallas Texas.

Our products contain natural ingredients like Aloe, Chamomile, Rosemary, Hawaiian Seaweed extracts and Sea Kelp to name a few. We combine these with carefully selected ingredients to offer superb performance at an affordable price.

“When applied, your skin feels dewy, silky—and absolutely smooth.”

You only have one skin and it’s valuable. Our commitment to creating affordable skin health options is adopting a simple but proactive routine to promote a lifetime of healthy skin. 

Skincare is infused with organic botanical ingredients and modern advances in science have taken years of research and development. We never use ingredients that are tested on animals and always try to choose vegan friendly (botanical and organic) options where possible. Our products do not contain Parabens, Synthetic fragrances or artificial colors.


Kind to the Environment

Who doesn't love opening a box or unwrapping a gift? Lets be honest though, is all that extra STUFF necessary? Most consumer packaged products are extraordinarily unkind to the environment and we aim to change it. We have started the arduous task of eliminating all unnecessary packaging. We know this isn't going to be popular because some of us just can't get over the idea of not having a box to open.

We are streamlining our packaging too. Gone are the oversized airless pumps and jars that make it look like you are getting more product than you actually are. Packing is becoming much more simple and elegant. Our focus is what's on the inside not the outside.

We feel it's important to cut as much waste as possible in order to save our planet for future generations. Hopefully you agree and will join us on this journey. Who knows it might become more popular.


‘Beauty’ To Us

Beauty comes from within. It lies in self revelation. We can enjoy many delights like using a silky body cream after a relaxing shower. Taking care of yourself is about creating a self-care routine and pampering yourself. Let’s face it, nothing is sexier than taking care of YOU. Michael Marcus aims to help you discover the best version of yourself by opening your eyes to a world of possibilities.